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Activated Bleaching Earth

  • Activated bleaching earth
Activated bleaching earth

Activated bleaching earth

  • Activated clay
  • fuller's earth
  • Activated bentonite clay
  • Product description: oil refinery,oil purification.

Activated bleaching earth is made from Bentonite,it's a kind of adsorbent operated by the H2SO4 or other chemical salt,and repeated washing, drying etc. processes.With the features of grey white or light grey apperance,non-poison,non-scent,non-odour,it can absorb the impurity or dark color out of the oil to make it clean and pure for using or regeneration.

Activated bleaching earth cannot be soluble in water,organic solution or any kinds of oil,but almost totally soluble in HCL and Hot Caustic Soda.

Friendly reminder: It could also absorb the moisture in air,please take care to make it well sealed,increasing moisture and high heated tempreature (higher than 300℃,would destroy its surface structure) would reduce its bleaching ability.

Activated bleaching earth could be widely used in any kind of plant or vegetable oil refinery and purification,Industrial oil ,paraffin wax cleaning and waste or used oil regeneration.

It can also be regarded as the Moisture Desiccant,Antidote of Medical Alkali,Absoption of Vitamin A & B,Overlap connection of lubricants,also be used as Catalyst for polymerization and raw material of Granular bleaching earth.

Particle Size(200 Mesh) Min 95%
Free Acid (NaOH) Max 0.25%
Moisture Max 9%
pH Value 4
Specific Surface Area 285㎡/g
Bulk Density 0.59g/ml
Heavy Metal(Pb) Max 0.005%
Arsenic Content Max 0.0005%
Bleaching Ability Min 93.5%

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