Soybean Oil Refinery


The final stage of edible soybean oil manufacture is refining, the most delicate phase of which is bleaching. At this step, undesirable substances are removed, such as pigments,traces of metals, phospholipidscertain degradation products. However, certain valuable compounds such as tocopherolssterols may also be removed, significant loss of oxidative stability can occur,fatty acid content may increase. To avoid these negative oil changes, bleaching parameters such as the concentration of bleaching clay, temperatureduration should be optimized. Since bleaching conditions depend on the properties of the bleaching clay as well as on the type of crude oil, bleaching parameters should be optimized with different types of clay for each vegetable oil.

This article investigates the effect of bleaching parameters on bleaching efficiency, oxidative stabilitythe contentcomposition of bioactive compounds (tocopherolssterols) using the SYKOL 195A Acid-activated bleaching clay in soybean oil.Results show that the amount of clay had the greatest influence on bleaching efficiency, especially according to the Lovibond scale, on transparency,on phosphorus content. Temperatureclay amount significantly affected oxidative stability, in particular the formation of secondary oxidation products. Increasing the amount of clay decreased tocopherol content of the bleached oil. Neutralized soybean oil bleached for 20 min at 95 °C with 1.5 % SYKOL 195A Acid-Activated bleaching clay showed the highest oxidative stability, best bleaching efficiency,most favourable sterol content, although tocopherol content was reduced a little.

SYKOL Bleaching clay accelerates oxidation of oil because of its high specific areahigh catalytic activity. As a result, bleached oil has the lowest oxidative stability among the oils obtained during the various stages of refining. Thus, it is strongly recommended that bleaching be conducted under vacuum, which significantly reduces, but does not eliminate, oxidation.

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