Petroleum /Diesel refinery


Activated bleaching earth is the most utilized mineralconsidered very efficienteconomical sorbent according to its chemicalphysical properties. SYKOL bleaching clay is enjoying rapid popularity in the petroleum refining industry for the various processes such as adsorptionseparation. Removal of many components such as sulfur, heavy metals, colorsseparation of different hydrocarbon s of crude oilpetroleum fractions can be carried out by SYKOL adsorption.The present review summarizes the using of SYKOL clay as adsorbent in several petroleum refining processes such as Desulphurization, Deasphalting, Waste Oil Recovery, Bleaching, Corrosion Reduction, Heavy Metals Removal and other. One of the simplest, easiestefficient separation processes used in different industries is adsorption. SYKOL Bentonite clays promote the highest adsorption capacity to remove sulfura high bleaching potential.

As various experiments, the usage of SYKOL bleaching earth was summarized as below:

1).Mineral oils for special applications such as transformer oils, turbine oilsmedicinal white oils;

2).Paraffinwaxes using in the food industry;

3).Regeneration waste oils for re-refined lubricating oils;

4).Rolling oils used as lubricants;

5).Removal of bituminous substances mined crude sulfur in a refining process;

6).Removal of olefin hydrocarbons  aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene, toluene,xylene.

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