Lube oil Re-refining -SYKOL


Bleachingdecolorizing applications can be applied using SYKOL bleaching clay.Bleaching process is physical adsorption by weak bonds between the dark coloured compounds in oilthe clay adsorbent.

SYKOL bleaching clay has a high bleaching potential in lube oil Re-refining, it is mostly used to remove the colorsmell of the product .SYKOL Clay is recoveredcan be used as filler in asphalt, bituminous mixturecement industry.Bleaching capacity of clays can be enhanced by many methods in an efficienteconomical way. Thermal activation can be used to activate bentonite clays .

With years continuously researching on the optimization of SYKOL clay's specification,especially in lube oil re-refining purpose using, SYKOL 210T &220A, SKYWALKER Co. found that Acid activation of clays can be affect the physicochemical properties of bentonitesincrease the activation degree in lube oil meanwhile after the serious washing, more porous structure appeared on the surface of SYKOL clays,therefore, bleachingadsorption capability aromatic color compounds was highly improved.

Based on the technical researching of the various catalysis in lube oil refiningre-refining production, bleaching clay is the most economical, environmental friendlyefficient adsorbent to finish this process, due to its high surface area, stability,thermal inertia prosperity. SYKOL bleaching clay mostly used as the activating agent, adsorbent, binder, catalysis,ion-exchanger etc.

With the help of Zn impregnation process in SYKOL bleaching clay production, surface area, pore size,pore volume,surface morphology were highly improved for desulfurization process.

In the lube oil re-refining, SYKOL bleaching clay has quite performance in improving the physical prosperity of lubricant oil like density, dynamic viscosity, flow point, flash point, reduction of total acid number, moisturesulphur content etc.

For more detailed professional introduction of the SYKOL clay performance in lube oil re-refining, please kindly contact with SKYWALKER INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION LIMITED.

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