About Us


SKYWALKER INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION LIMITED was founded in early 2000s, as a combination of producer and trader, mostly focusing on the research and production of SYKOL Activated bleaching earth and related products. 

SKYWALKER was located in Inner Mongolia where stores the most and best raw material of bleaching earth – Bentonite mines.


Before the system-changing in 1999:

SKYWALKER is the specified company to supply Activated bleaching earth for exploring oil fields in Daqing and some other cities. 

SKYWALKER sets in more than 33 Acre and employed 220 person working on bleaching earth, it is one of the few Welfare Enterprises in Inner Mongolia even in China. 

SKYWALKER built a series advanced equipments for purification and production line after a long time learning from other countries. 

SKYWALKER’s plant located in the South part of Inner Mongolia, holds 2 mainly mines. Presently ascertained more than 5 million Metric Tons raw Bentonite material for producing highly SYKOL Activated bleaching earth.

After the continuously working and searching on bleaching earth, SYKOL bleaching earth of SKYWALKER has supplied to more than 30 countries and areas for offering all kinds of oil or grease purification solution, especially in Philippine, Bangladesh, Russia, Brazil, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, etc.


For offering better service and solution to our users, SKYWALKER also set distributor in some market, besides Qingdao and Xiamen, we also have distributors in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia and now it’s enlarging constantly.

Believe we could offer you the best quality bleaching earth and the best service with the best pricing than you ever had.  

Looking forward to the cooperation.


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