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1.ADVANTAGESYKOL Diatomite Filter Aid is used in the filtration process to retain the solid things in liquid. Thanks to the special characteristics like, hard complicated structure with plenty of micro-holes,low density, large surface area, as well as incompressibility and chemical stability etc. SYKOL Diatomite filter aid could make sure the filtering continuity and avoid the effects in filtration liquid.

2.METHODOLOGY: 1). Pre-coating, with the recycling of diatomite slurry, filter cake appears in the filter material to retain the coming solid impurity. 2). Addition, after pre-coating, regularly add filter aid based on the filtration condition, to mix the solid with filter aid for making sure theres enough micro-holes on the filter cake. Not only retain the solid, but also ensured the cleaned liquid passing through.


Beverage: Beer, Wine, Liquor, Juice, Syrup, etc.

Oil: Corn oil, Rapeseed oil, Peanut oil, Cottonseed oil, Soybean oil, Oliver oil, Palm oil, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Linseed oil, Gelatin, Alginate etc.

Condiment: Monosodium glutamate, Soy sauce, sour, Citric acid, Enzyme etc.

Sugar: Fructose Syrup, High fructose, Glucose, Starch sugar, Sucrose, Syrup etc.

Pharmaceutical:  Antibiotics, Vitamins, Oral Solutions, Chinese Medicine purification etc.

Chemicals: Organic acid, non-organic acid, Alkyd Resin, Sodium thiocyanate, Painting, Synthetic resin, Detergent, etc.

Petrochemical: Lubricants, Lubricant additives, Metal board, Aluminum foil, Rolling oil, Transformer oil, petro additives, coal tar, heavy oil , etc.

Water Treatment: Living water, Industrial waste water, waster water recycling, Swimming pool water, etc.

Water Purification Industry: Filter ceramics machine.

Others: Electrolyte, plating solution etc.

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