SYKOL 94D - Powder Container Desiccant
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Product Details

SYKOL 94D Clay Desiccant is a kind of powder shaped desiccant, which is exclusively produced by SKYWALKER. Its produced by combining Attapulgite with Calcium Chloridesome other special additives. After absorbing the moisture, the clay will be like jelly without extra moisture returning.

The fully moisture absorption capability of SYKOL 94D can be reached to 312%can be continuously working for about 30 days till fully used.

During the transportation of containers by sea, affected by the damp conditionsrainy weather in the ocean, the inner side of the containers always with high moistureeven dews. Thus SYKOL 94D is regularly used for Containers, with the high absorption capability, it could well control the humidity of the containers inner, to make sure the quality of the loaded cargo. Also can be used for the warehouse which has high humidity situation.


·High absorption capability, fully absorption can be reached to 312% compared with the desiccant volume.

·After absorbing, the mixture turns like jelly without moisture returning.

·Continuously working for more than 30 days till fully used.

·Non-toxic, Odorless, Eco-friendly, Non-pollution after using.

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