Petrochemical clay SYKOL 220A

SYKOL 220A Bleaching Earth is made from natural Bentonite after a series of professional and especial processes, it shows the best condition for each kinds of oil purification. The proper acid value could remove the heavy metal and gums out of the oil, high activation degree could react with other substance in oil to reduce the refinery time and increase the efficiency.

According to the demand and actual production situation, we could customize good cost-effective products.




White or light gray


All kinds of industrial oils with dark oil or hard to clean. Like diesel fuel, lubricants, waste engine oil or used cooking oil etc.

Bleaching ability

No less than 93%

Free acid



No more than 10.0%


Normally 8%-15%, determined by the oil quality and technical requests.

Activity degree

No less than 225 H+m.mol/kg


 Higher acid value for fighting with darker oil condition

 Higher activation degree to react with impurities with speedy rate

 Lower costs in both of money and time

 Excellent acid value to clean part of the heavy metal in oil, saving some complicated processes.

 Stable supplying ability.


25 kg pp bags with strong inner or 1000kg jumbo bags

20 kg craft bags with PE inner. Could be designed as requested. 23 metric tons net in a 20FCL.


In close dry place, avoid sunshine

Particle Size Distribution

100 mesh (150μm) =99.1%

200 mesh(75μm)=91.3%

325 mesh(45μm)=75%

400 mesh(38μm)=70%

Filtration Rate

15.78 ml/minute

Oil Retention

3.8%  (Compared with the quantity of bleaching earth in refining process)

Cooperation process

Customer offer us the oil characteristics.

We match the oil condition to figure out the suitable specification of bleaching earth

Sending to the customers to do test after getting customers confirmation

Producing according to the order

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