Bleaching clay oil refining

Bleaching clay oil refining is made from the core part of Bentonite mines, only this part could be made into highly granular shaped bleaching earth, so compared with other kinds of bleaching earth, Bleaching clay oil refining requests more time and costs for finishing its production. But good things always need more patience to wait, after the complicated processes, Bleaching earth for oil refinery could finish all its jobs with less dosage and time, because of its high activation degree and surface area in per particle, it could purify the oil even without stirring and heating process.




Grey-white pellet

Absorption capability



0.77 g/ml

Surface Area

No less than 308㎡/g

Activation degree

238 H+m.mol/kg

Bleaching ability

No less than 96.6%

Anti-solubility in water

No less than 87%


5-10% compared with the oil quantity, mostly decided by the oil quality


All kinds of normal oil refining.

Aromatic purification, gums cleaning, removing the asphalt and alkaline substance.

Crushing Strength, (N/Particle)

More than 1.3

Package & Storage

25 kg pp bags or craft bags with strong inner or 1000 kg jumbo with inner,

Or any other packing bags as your designed.

Stock in closed and dry circumstance because of its absorption capability.

Particle size

Passing 10 mesh: 88.0%

Passing 50 mesh: less than 10%

Label:   Bleaching clay oil refining