Bentonite Desiccant SYKOL 98D

To protect the environment as the core , producing the Green Products accord with the developed industrial countries’ standard, focusing on 4R and 1D, which is Reducing, Reusing, Recycling, Refilling, Degradability.

Adaptable, SYKOL 98D could keep stable moisture-absorbing ability under any temperature.

Highly efficiency, much better absorbing ability than traditional Silica Gel Desiccant.

Safety, neat, non-poison and non-harmful.

Economical and high cost performance, based on the high efficiency, SYKOL desiccant quotas the most competitive price in domestic market even worldwide.

Perfect after-sales service system, monitoring the whole process to estimate the using volume in various packing and environment, to make SYKOL desiccant show the best performance. Also solving all kinds of questions in using, and recommend the most suitable grade.


Technical specification.


Particle Size (1-4mm)

Min 95%

Bulk Density

0.75-0.85 g/ml

Absorbing Ability (RH 80%)

Min 30%

Moisture Absorbing Rate

Min 20%

Wearing Rate

Max 0.3%


Max 2%


Grey or light yellow


Ball Particle

Label:   Bentonite Desiccant