Acid bleaching earth in sunflower oil

Acid bleaching earth in sunflower oil was highly welcomed by most areas users, because of its proper activation degree and economical condition, it has great performance in removing the red or yellow color for most of the vegetable oils. Thanks for its pH value,it could purify paraffin wax like water without destroy the physical structure of wax.

According to the different demands from our clients,both of SYKOL 195A and SYKOL 170 could be adjusted to be suitable for any kinds of vegetable oils refinery in removing red, yellow, blue or even green color out of the oil.



Acid bleaching earth in sunflower oil


White or light gray


Vegetable oil ,animal fats and paraffin wax

Bleaching ability

No less than 95%

Free acid



No more than 10.0%


Normally 8%-12%, determined by the oil quality and technical requests.

Activity degree

No less than 176 H+m.mol/kg


Great bleaching ability for most oil

Better economical condition 

Excellent ability for removing yellow or red color

Low oil retention

Anti-oxidant and color returning

Higher filtration rate


25 kg pp bags with strong inner or 1000kg jumbo bags

20 kg craft bags with PE inner. Could be designed as requested. 23 metric tons net in a 20FCL.


In close dry place, avoid sunshine

Particle Size Distribution

100 mesh (150μm) =99.5%

200 mesh(75μm)=91.1%

325 mesh(45μm)=75%

400 mesh(38μm)=70%

Filtration Rate

15.78 ml/minute

Oil Retention

3.63%  (Compared with the quantity of bleaching earth in refining process)



Label:  Acid_bleaching_earth_in_sunflower_oil Acid bleaching earth in sunflower oil